Advertising on Swine Flu Masks?

image: swine flu fashion

Who will be the first to hire street teams giving out branded face masks?  
Updtate [April 30, '09] We almost have a winner. Almost. Do these guys read AdLab or what?


  1. Too late!

  2. Alexandra Ryan29/4/09 9:39 PM

    This is so great! I can't decide if it is hilarious or just plain silly. This is taking non-tradition advertising to the extreme. I have heard of sidewalk chalking and different ways for outdoor advertisements but this is very original. It goes along the lines of how advertisements are starting to appear on the overhead bins on airplanes. Putting advertisements on Swine Flu masks would further confirm that there is NO WAY to avoid seeing advertisements today. They follow you everywhere, where you want them too or not.

  3. Advertising a false pandemic alarm for cash!


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