Dissecting Snailmail

image source; Deliver Magazine

According to the ongoing USPS Household Diary Study, only 3.9% of snailmail stream consists of personal (household-to-household) mail (including the 20 postcards, apparently).   Other trivia: United States Post Office operates almost 37,000 locations throughout the country; households with $65-100K income and less than high-school education receive the most mail (3.7 pieces/week),  the next group is $100K+ with college degree (3.0 pieces/week); and, surprise, the larger the household the more mail it receives.

Also, the number of personal letters people send is on decline, but still amounted to some 1,116,000,000 letters in 2007.

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  1. Wonder how this relates to spam vs. personal e-mail. Didn't realize so few letters were personal.

    Richmond, VA


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