Offtopic: Tagged Five Things

Was going through the email that's piled up over a month of travel and discovered I got tagged by Alan, Henry and Vincent (AdAge wrote about it, too). The five things from me:

  • The best leads for Adverlab come from blogs that don't have anything to do with advertising.
  • In the fairly near future, most of the advertising will be targeted at robots, not humans.
  • Radio is underrated. There's so much cool stuff you can do with just voice.
  • Love commercials. They spend 30 seconds to tell the same story that takes a TV show a whole hour.
  • On a personal note (which, I think, is the whole point of the game): I read fiction books online (Gutenberg,, BitTorrents) and barely own any hard copies. The six games that have been sitting on my computer for the past three years are the last two GTAs, Sim City, Far Cry, Call of Duty and Rise of Nations. My favorite party game is Mafia. I love Ramen noodles and can't stand beans. I think too much of our culture is disposable. Have been on Hotmail since 1997, on Blogger since 2002, and still use only ICQ for IM, but have bought an iPod only last year. Am not psyched about the iPhone (but its interface does rock). Am a PC fan but my favorite piece of hardware is that small aluminum Mac laptop that I wish could run Windows.

The next taggees: Steve Hall at AdRants and Regine at We Make Money Not Art.
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