AdAge on Contextual Billboards

"It could take months, if not years, for patents to be approved and technology to be fine-tuned, but no matter how soon Silicon Valley giants-and possibly outdoor's legacy players-reshape the retail experience, it's safe to say the out-of-home industry will have a shelf life much longer than its static beginnings could have indicated."
-- AdAge

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In Wired back in 2003:
Booth's team [at Mitsubishi] is developing a system that projects
product information onto a wall. As a customer approaches the wall,
the system senses that someone is getting closer and alters the
message it projects, incorporating data about the person gleaned
through facial-recognition technology. The closer the customer
approaches, the more specific the information gets. Eventually, the
message would focus on the actual product the person is handling.

A press release back from 2001:
"Visitors to the exhibit will be able to experience the process of
using face recognition technology to enroll into a loyalty database at
remote wireless enrollment stations."
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