Newspapers in PDF Format Catching On

It looks like the Guardian's experiment to provide up-to-date printable newspaper updates in PDF is turning out quite well: "At the Toronto Star, Canada's largest daily, its PDF edition is called Star PM, and at the Ottawa Citizen it goes by the name of RushHour. Subscribers to these PDF editions receive them by email for reading in free Acrobat Readers, either on their computer or portable devices such as a BlackBerry" (Media Life).

Soon, we will probably see those newspaper vending boxes on the streets replaced by instant newspaper printers where for a couple of quarters you'll select the sections you are interested in - say, politics and sports -- and have it produced on the spot, perhaps as a pdf print-out. Perhaps, they will even use Xerox's reusable paper, too. In a way, it's like Samsung's Fuel for Travel kiosks in Amsterdam airport where you can charge your mp3 player or cell phone with digital content.
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