A World Without Billboards

Above: an ad for Sky movies ("you don't like interruptions so we took out the ads") showing a world without billboards.

Below: a slideshow of Sao Paolo after the mayoral billboard ban.


  1. Excellent ! I'll speak about theses TV ads on my blog.
    Do you know that, in France, commercials will be banned from public channels ? (Excuse my english, i'm not bilingual but i don't want to speak in French here)

  2. great post!
    but it's spelled Sao Paulo

  3. Interesting. A ban such as this certainly would force businesses to come up with more creative methods of print advertising, such as collaborating with businesses who have a similar target market to post flyers or handout brochures inside of stores. It also creates a need for more focused advertising. We are already seeing a change in advertising techniques with the common problem of over-stimulation due to so many ads. The graphics on posters and billboards have become more brilliant, the messages more interesting, all in an attempt to stand out from the competition and create a lasting impression on consumers.


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