Glowing Electroluminescent Signage - Luminous Media

Here's a cool piece of ad tech for your production department: Luminous Media makes electroluminescent advertising -- posters, billboards, POS. The video demo is at the end of the post; Michael, director of company's operations, explains how the technology works:

"The technology is actually its own light source, even though its paper-thin.
There are special conductive inks, that when we apply a small electrical current so they illuminate (and very brightly too, as you can see in the video.)

We can also isolate, and define the areas which illuminate to create sequences and basic animations like you see in the Spiderman clip. We can control which areas illuminate at which time by connecting a small electrical driver to the sign (which is generally about the size of a DVD player for billboards.) This feeds the current to the appropriate areas at appropriate times through a custom-programmed timing chip, much in the same way you can create an animated GIF to having specific timings.

And, because they're so thin and flexible our clients use them on billboards, transit shelters, subway stations, for window signage, and in-store retail campaigns."

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  1. Yeah, Electroluminescent lighting is a really neat technology. It's pretty amazing everything it can be applied to.


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