Military Recruitment Ads From Around the World

I put together a YouTube playlist with a compilation of 13 14 recruitment ads from different countries. Comparative military propaganda highlights of the weird:

The three Swedish spots are the best. Au Pair targets women and lures them with an opportunity to blow up bridges (when was the last time a Swedish soldier blew up a bridge?). Cube and Labyrinth are wacky but very stylish. Shows how the Swedish army values cognitive abilities over muscles.

British Army - shots of a party scene are there why? (another spot has a beach and women in bikini)

The Russian spot promises recruits that they finally will be able to afford to buy flowers and a night on the town for their girlfriends. Definitely not for external consumption. (The spot is for "kontraktniki", the volunteer part of the army).

I can't tell if the Ukranian spot isn't a spoof. YouTube has a translated dialog script if you expand "About the video" part.

Other armies in the playlist are Pakistani, Indian, Canadian, American, Czech, Slovak, Australian, [update] and Estonia (thanks, Toivo).


  1. from estonia

  2. Added to the playlist, thank you.

  3. Clip de l'armée de Terre

    and very interesting but unfortunately without Subtitles, their advertisement process for recruitment :

  4. I would be quite interested in any Middle Eastern nation recruitment ads. Particularly Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Jordan.


    Hungarian Army


    This dutch commercial didn't make me want to join the marines, but it did get me into Iggy & the Stooges :)


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