"Lost: Via Domus" Game Ships

If you are into transmedia storytelling, and especially if you are a Lost fan, check out the Lost: Via Domus game (PC, Xbox360) that Amazon began shipping yesterday (mine is on its way). You will be playing a new character -- a photographer with amnesia -- in an environment that is true to the TV series and that has been vetted by the show's creators. There isn't much shooting involved, but you will get to solve a lot of puzzles and explore a lot of places that has remained off the TV screen, including some hidden nooks inside the stations. Many of the original voices were recorded for the game, including Ben's, but unfortunately not Sawyer's.


  1. Oh, Ilya:

    It's Via DOMUS -- meaning, "the way home", in latin. Via DOMINUS would mean something altogether different, my friend.

  2. Oh, true, thank you. Corrected. Posted before the daily intake of Red Bull, that's why.


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