Rant: Ads You Can Taste and Google Algorithm

Sometimes, Google can be really difficult.

Is the recent ad by Welch's for its grape juice the first one to incorporate the sense of taste? No: Is it the first one to incorporate First Flavor's peel-and-lick technology? No. Last September, there were alcohol flavored ads in Rolling Stone for a TV show; here's First Flavor's press release on the subject (and a brief mention on AdLab).

You could never tell, though, if you searched Google for "lickable ads" this week. Even First Flavor, the company that creates the strips, is not on the first three pages of search results. But all those blogs that regurgitate the same news piece are, in abundance:

Can the results that are obviously similar -- and derivative -- be grouped and collapsed, just like all related news are collapsed in Google News? Look at this mess:

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