Study: Sad People Spend More

AP: A new study shows people's spending judgment goes out the window when they're down, especially if they're a bit self-absorbed. Study participants who watched a sadness-inducing video clip offered to pay nearly four times as much money to buy a water bottle than a group that watched an emotionally neutral clip. (via Neuromarketing)

From the "Misery is not Miserly: Sad and Self-Focused Individuals Spend More" paper: The present findings do, however, allow more than one explanation for the link among sadness, self-focus, and spending. Our working model proposes that sad and self-focused individuals spend more on commodities because they seek self-enhancement. Another possible model is that sad and self-focused individuals experience reduced self-value or sense of entitlement, and therefore value other things more by contrast." (site, pdf)

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