MSFT+YHOO: People-Generated Brand Names

Blogosphere hasn't had that much fun since Google's acquisition of YouTube that has enriched the vernacular with numerous linguistic gems ranging from GooTube to YouTooble.

Here's what we have so far for the Microsoft-Yahoo deal:

AdLab's favorite: Microhoot by Gizmodo

Seen on Infade (this one is back from May 2007)

Seen on Techcrunch

Seen on Ad-Supported Music

Seen on David Armano's

Pictureless: YahooSoft (CNN), Yaasoft (FastForward blog), Yahrosoft. A CNet blog considers relative advantages of Yasoft, Mihoo, and Microhoo (Micro-who?), and even has a handy poll .


  1. Been there, done that :)


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