Five Magazines You Have Never Read

Someone famous (Ogilvy?) said that it was a good idea to make a habit of picking up magazines that are outside of your usual set. The ones below would probably work.

"Each issue of American Cemetery offers in-depth coverage of issues affecting the cemetery profession in today's competitive business environment, including grounds maintenance tips, national and state association coverage, preneed, marketing, cremation, insurance computers/software and much more."

Onion World, because "onions are the third largest consumed fresh vegetable in the U.S."

Plumbing Systems and Design is "the official publication of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, is the magazine for plumbing engineers, designers, specifiers, code officials, contractors, manufacturers, master plumbers, and other plumbing professionals."

Railway Age "leads, instructs, reports and commands a $20 billion industry to review your products and services. Penetrate the marketplace with Railway Age, the publication that has written the book on the railway industry since 1876."

Supply & Demand Chain Executive is "the executive’s user manual for successful supply and demand chain transformation, utilizing hard-hitting analysis, viewpoints and unbiased case studies to steer executives and supply management professionals through the complicated, yet critical, world of supply and demand chain enablement to gain competitive advantage." Now with podcasts.


  1. you've obviously never worked on a b2b account! I'm familiar with all of those except Onion World.

  2. No, not on those accounts.

    For (non-ad) business, I've only read the one for the undertakers. For fun, I've read the Railway Age, and am a big fan Progressive Grocer.

  3. I was just talking about how I missed the B2B side of my old insurance client. I don't miss Insurance Journal so much but things like American Printer, Yachting Mag, Oil & Gas Journal, etc. every other week was a way to expand my mind.

    Hope all is well in Boston.

  4. I remember browsing the Writer's Market listings as a way to plug into the nth degree of specificity. The one title I remember is The Deaf Canadian, and I think the slug was "by for and about deaf Canadians." The other adventure in niche communication I remember is when our agency was researching a meat processor and collected a bunch of trade mags. Inside one was an ad for something called a pork bung venter. It might even have been the Cadillac of pork bung venters. We clipped that ad to reference certain client meetings. It's hard to top American Cemetery, though.

  5. It's sad but true I am a plumber, and I have never read Plumbing Systems and Design. Makes you wonder who does?


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