Study: Ad Skipping Is DVR Users' Favorite Feature

Adweek: "New research on digital video recorders by WPP Group's Mindshare found that consumers buy the devices mainly to "time shift" (record programs for later viewing) and skip commercials. Among those who already own a DVR, about 90 percent cited time-shifting capability and nearly 80 percent mentioned the ability to skip commercials as their favorite features.

The study, which quizzed 1,200 consumers about their media consumption, also found that the DVR is the top media gadget consumers plan to acquire over the next six months."

The article says the study contradicts an earlier assertion by the networks that "their internal research found that consumers' top reason for purchasing a DVR was the ability to time shift, while commercial skipping was far down on the priority list."

Here's the original story on the networks' joint press conference as reported by the Associated Press. It mentions nothing about this assertion.
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