More Details on TiVo's Searchable Ad Model

Inside Branded Entertainment: "In the near term, the TiVo search system will remain as small as its customer base, which will likely grow with Comcast distribution next year. Yet if successful, agency executives say, it could migrate to video-on-demand cable systems and other DVR operators, making TV more Web-like.

In addition to giving viewers more control over what ads they see, such a system promises to bring a dose of accountability to TV advertising. Mimicking the ad-search system on Google, TiVo executives said they are discussing performance-based pricing models with media agencies, such as price-per-click and time-per-view variables, according to Davina Kent, vp of ad sales at TiVo.

TiVo has a fair amount of evidence from its other on-demand ad offerings, including clickable tags in commercials and TiVo Showcases of branded entertainment offerings, that viewers will seek out marketing messages. TiVo has seen click rates of 10 to 15 percent for campaigns it has run through TiVo Showcases, with viewers typically interacting with a marketing message between two and four minutes."
-- via AdJab

TiVo to Launch Searchable Advertising on Demand
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