Advertising on Trash Bins

There's an interesting ongoing campaign to change the way media planners think of trash bins as a potential advertising medium. The outdoor industry's association writes: "The knee-jerk reaction is nobody is going to want to put their brand on a garbage can. Having said that, you really have to see what it looks like. If it's clean and well-maintained and its in good locations, it might be right for some brands."

So, a NYC company called City Media Concepts is prepping the bins up - and calls them ReceptaSigns in the process - and then sells ad space. You are going to love this quote: "More importantly, unlike many traditional outdoor media options that depend on passive viewer involvement, consumers actually interact with the ReceptaSigns." True. I interact with the my two trash bins several times an hour.

Anyway, they are planning to install video screens into trash receptacles to beam commercials when the technology is cheap enough.
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