Flavored Magazine Inserts

Are you print adverts in good taste? (Sorry, couldn't resist). Anyway, the NY Times Magazine runs its traditional "The Year in Ideas" feature, and besides mentioning a bunch of MIT Media Lab's gadgets, it features flavored paper. Check this out:

"At Chicago's trendy Moto restaurant, a 20-course tasting menu can begin with "sushi" made of paper that has been printed with images of maki and wrapped around vinegared rice and conclude with a mint-flavored picture of a candy cane.

Homaro Cantu, Moto's executive chef, has essentially combined a high-end kitchen with a Kinko's. Using a modified ink-jet printer and organic, food-based inks, he prints images of food (and other objects) on specially designed paper made of modified food starch. Recently, he began creating flavored inserts for magazines."

Other notable mentions include forehead billboards and scientists auctioning off names of obscure organisms to outfits like Golden Palace.
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