Sound Branding: Podcasts, Ringtones, and Digital Radio

Nick Wreden, the author of ProfitBrand (reviewed earlier), has a new feature on Brand Channel about advertising on podcasts, the pervasiveness of ringtones, and the future of digital radio. Some quotes:

"In the fall of 2004, GM used a podcast to help introduce its 2005 vehicle line-up. Microsoft soon followed suit; now dozens of companies use podcasts as part of their branding mix."

"Unlike Internet advertising, which requires consumers to be tethered to a PC, podcasts have the advantage of being time-shifted as easily as a TiVo. Consumers can listen to podcasts at their convenience, which reduces distractions and increases receptivity. One disadvantage, however, is a lack of measurement. Because the podcasts are listened to away from the computer, real-time tracking is impossible. As a result, some podcast advertisers are testing the use of toll-free numbers or other direct response vehicles."

"In addition to offering cable-like access to hundreds of channels, digital radio lets listeners pause, rewind and time-record high-quality broadcasts. Additionally, relevant information such as artist and album information can be transmitted. Digital radios will be able to transmit scrolling news, traffic reports or ads to the radio's screen. As screens get larger, traffic maps can accompany traffic reports, or logos or other visuals can be displayed on the screen during ads. Channels, sub-channels and even sub-sub-channels will allow advertisers to target segments more precisely. Some are even talking about coordinating digital radio with the GPS system to deliver ads specific to the listener's location."

Also, see an earlier Brand Channel's article on sonic branding.
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