Interactive Fiction by Phone

One of the things I've been long advocating is taking advantage of what phones do best - voice communication. Combine this with AI chat bots sitting on top of the still-very-dumb IVR (interactive voice response) systems, and you have something amazing:

"Ifbyphone allows you to play interactive fiction (IF) by phone. However this is not through enabling your cellphone as a device that runs an IF interpreter, but rather through an interactive voice service. The parser text is read outloud to you via text-to-speech, and your voice commands are sent back to the parser via speech-to-text" (Writer Response Theory).

"Ifbyphone is a new media company focused on the distribution of recorded and text based information and family-friendly entertainment via voice. User features include fully personalized news reports, Email access, blog access, RSS aggregation, weather, detailed sports reports, voice chat and games."

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