Advertising Lab Turns Five

Not one.
Not two.
Not three.
Not four.

Today this blog turns five, with 2,529 posts, 19K+ RSS subscribers, 2.7M total pageviews, 1.64M total uniques. Which officially makes it my longest-running and the most public hobby.

Highlights of the past year:
- Google Wave and Advertising
- Interactive Signage in 1902
- Too Much Targeting, or That Hot Single Could be Your Wife
- Don't Kill the Microsite
- Targeting Zodiac Signs
- Advertising in PowerPoint Decks
- Augmented Reality Microsites: First Impressions
- Emerging Media in the 1930s
- Advertising on Swine Flu Masks
- Why Measure Engagement?
- TV in Contact Lenses
- If Shakespeare Had Tweeted
- 19 Tips for In-Game Advertising

And thank you for reading AdLab.


  1. Congratulations ! Next step: reach 3000 posts :)

    (i wonder what wackt tactics from 5 years ago turned true today)

  2. congrats ilya. it's still a must-read for me.

  3. Thank you very much, gentlemen.

  4. Belated congratulations from me too. I've gotten lots of value from you over the years, thank you!


  5. Wow! Congratulations! Great site.

  6. Many congrats! All the best for the years to come!

  7. Congratulations, quite the accomplishment! Looking forward to continuing to read your blog!


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