Redesign a Van Fleet for Dish Network

The first client project from Victors & Spoils is a nice break from the usual "create-a-cool-video" kind of the crowdsourcing assignment. Instead,  they ask you to redesign Dish Network's fleet of installation vans. Hope something as awesome as these trucks comes out.

The new agency has scored a nice-looking logo via a similar exercise.

-- via jason from 99designs.


  1. crowd sourcing ruins our industry. black list these guys.

  2. Way to ruin an industry18/11/09 5:27 PM

    I agree. Victors & Spoils is just using cheap labor and marking it way up for the client. The client would be better off just crowd sourcing it themselves through the many sites that are already available.

  3. I will not leave any negative comments, but I would like to know that how come you guys get the notion that they might be looking for some 3D designs as the trucks examples are given?

    Rather I feel they are looking for the design that would be having an USP in just a word or in a line. Have a look at the contest and you would find that they even not trying to have the vans wrapped, rather it seems they are looking for some sort of stickering.

    Anyways, USPs are on the air, now. They are going to finish the contest by tomorrow and I am sure they will have the best design that suits their requirements. Or they might end-up with nothing !! :)

  4. @anonymous and @Way to ruin an industry
    Don't you think that's a little over simplified? if the 'industry'is suffering, then for a multitude of reasons rooted in an overall cultural/social change.'crowdsourcing' is just a mechanism, and it depends on the conditions and rules and results whether it's exploitative or not.
    Sure, clients could do their own crowdsourcing projects, but hey, the tough part is actually getting the 'crowd' exited for a project, managing the process and getting quality results.


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