The Real Future of Augmented Reality: SixthSense Demo at TED

A new and impressive demo of Sixth Sense, a project from MIT Media Lab's Fluid Interfaces Group. The real magic starts at 6'24".


  1. This is mindblowing.
    It really puts all those much talked about tablets and phones and such back to the stone age...
    This guy deserves all the attention and funding he can get.
    Incidentally, the kind of interaction he is after is very similar to that portraied in the Japanese anime "Dennou Coil" (worth checking out, by the way): same kind of seamless interaction, but achieved with special glasses instead of a device worn around the neck.
    Really astounding.

  2. This video is absolutely incredible and it took me more than 10 minute to understand that it wasn't a fake!

    What I ask you is: can you all imagine how revolutionay such a thing can be for advertising?

    We are in front of the discovering and the creation of a new dimension between brand and target that is, at the same moment, both physical and digital.
    I just could think about plenty of branding applications.

    Let's wait and see. But I think we will have much more to see rather than to wait.


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