Bantr Replaces Ads with Tweets

Bantr is a Firefox extension that replaces some 300x250 banners with tweets from your friends. The site says the tweets are matched to the context of the page whose ads it's blocking. I didn't really notice, but I am not following thousands of people, so maybe that's why.  It doesn't replace every single unit, just one, and not on all sites, although it does on AdLab.

Wouldn't it be a fun ironic twist if the tweets Bantr displayed were affiliate ad tweets?

Or you can replace banners with art.

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  1. Hmm, that falls into the "just because it can be done doesn't mean it should" category for me. My life isn't improved by swapping one distraction for another.

  2. The marriage of Twitter and advertising is inevitable. We posted about a few of the advertising models we expect to see on our What Matters Now blog post:

    but affiliate Tweets in banners is one we missed!

    Elizabeth Dolinski

  3. My first thought was "Hey, cool that's quite an innovative idea!", but then I mull it over further and I realize that:

    1. this will probably hurt my Firefox browser's performance
    2. It would hurt all those advertisers (me included) if everyone went up and got this (or it would convince all of us to go to Twitter for our advertising needs) -- perhaps Bantr is actually a creation of the Twitter team?


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