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A new feature for the AdLab site that I hope you will find useful: ATTN: AdLab. If there is something you would like to share -- a post you wrote, or maybe a press release, or a book or blog you found -- simply tag it with 2adlab on It will show up on the very top above the first post and will stay there until someone tags something else. Depending on how fast is on a particular day, it might take a bit for the links to get here. A few simple rules:
  • It has to be online to be tagged
  • You need a account
  • Try to keep it related to advertising or marketing, even if loosely
  • Label all NSWF stuff as such
  • If you are tagging a book on Amazon, your aff id is welcome.
You can find all past submissions here.


  1. I suppose you can also do it using the for:username, while being on adverlab network.

    At least you wouldn't risk being spammed.

    Care to supply adverblog's delicious alias ?

  2. The alias is "adverlab".

    I thought about it, but doing it through the network requires one extra step from the submitter (adding me to the network) and one extra step from me (to approve the link).

    The risk of spamming can't be too high since spammy submissions can be easily bumped off the page. But we'll see how it goes.

  3. That's a great idea. Keep us posted on how well it works.


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