Future Neatly Arranged on Future Scanner

Future Scanner is a social search engine that scours the internet for date-stamped predictions and arranges them into a neat and a very exciting timeline. It tells me that by the time I'm 40, an artificial intelligence machine will win a Nobel Prize, human senses will be electronically enhanced, I'll be driving a flying car, wearing a haptic suit to work, and AdLab blog will have acquired AdAge.

One suggestion. I'd love to have a tool that compiles business forecasts by research companies and paints a picture for each year in numbers. Say, for 2009, Forrester says ecommerce will be that much in volume, and Jupiter says broadband penetration is that much, and NPD says games shipped will be that many.


  1. Ilya,

    Thanks for checking us out! Things are rampin up here at Memebox and we appreciate your thoughts. The Future Scanner is only the first of many applications we plan to release over time, so keep checking back. We're going to make the future super-fun.


  2. I've been using the future scanner for over a month now and I find it very useful. These are the articles I'm always hunting for and now they're in one convenient place.

  3. Future scanner is awesome. I found out everything about the future.


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