Bathrooms As Brand Experience: Charmin Is Back

Charmin's public bathrooms in Times Square that were such a hit last year are back, with a microsite, maps and train directions. NY Times blogged last month:

"The restrooms — along with a plush waiting area — occupy a 12,000-square-foot space on the mezzanine of an office tower 1540 Broadway, between 45th and 46th Streets. The restrooms have luxurious features like wainscoting, hardwood floors, crown moldings and — new for this year — Kohler plumbing fixtures. About 200 workers (18 to 30 working on each shift) are available to clean each restroom after each use.

The Times Square program grew out of a Pottypalooza, a marketing effort that began in 2001, in which Charmin drove a 53-foot trailer, fitted with 27 toilets, around the country, to events like the Super Bowl."

The first installment took about a year to plan.

Here's a video of what the bathrooms looked like last year (and another one from a grateful reviewer).

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  1. I spotted that in Times Square last weekend (from down the street) and thought it was a fantastic idea. Now I wish I had actually gone in...


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