Advertising Lab Turns Three

This blog has turned three a few weeks ago and it's got cosmetic surgery for its birthday, so if you are on RSS, come check it out. Traditionally, some stats:

  • Posts published: ~ 700 (a bit fewer than last year, the total is 1950 )
  • Total page views: ~1,362,218 (up from ~580,232 last year, and ~130,000 on its first birthday)
  • FeedBurner subscribers: ~3,900 (up from ~ 1,200 in year two and 200 in year one)
  • Amazon books sold: 548 (started exactly a year ago)
All these views wouldn't not have happened without you, so thank you. A couple of pictures from the family album:

AdLab on its second birthday.

AdLab on its first birthday.

Credit: the new site is based on the original template by Jack Book.


  1. Refreshing.
    You took it easier on the ads this time (someone as to pay the server bills, anyway).

    I guess it's about time i'll do a reboot myself.

    BTW, a tip:

  2. Thank you. Got AddArt here -- wonder how many people use it.


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