HuffPost: Algorithms Kill Personality

Molly Shaw at Huffington Post writes about how social filtering and recommendation algorithms kill serendipitous discovery and re-shape personalities:

"Psychologically, collaborative filtering has basically likened my palate to a series of algorithms. Somewhere in the technological simplification of taste assessment, I've lost all emotional connection to my content, which used to happen naturally during the serendipitous stages of discovery and evaluation. Turns out, my self-identity has become indistinguishable from that of the mysterious collective's. I miss the days when discovering web content was like being a little kid in a candy store."

On a related note, TechCrunch writes that Google is removing the "Advertise on this site" link from AdSense ads because "apparently when an advertiser picks which sites to advertise on, those ads don’t get clicked on as much as ads picked by the AdSense computers."

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