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Paperspine runs on a model similar to Netflix's, but for books. For a monthly cost of $9.95 and up + postage, you can get two or more books out at a time. Their collection isn't huge -- 150,000 books -- but they do have a few books on advertising that I've been meaning to read forever, like the Confessions of the Advertising Man, and more good fiction than I'll ever have time for. Don't know if they have this entire social recommendation thing figured out, but it's a great idea for anyone who moves a lot and hates accumulating stuff. There's also, a competing service with similar plans.


  1. Maybe I'm missing something, but this service just seems silly and I don't get it. Why not just go to a library? Even most modest libraries have at least 150,000 books. Amazing libraries like the Boston Public Library have over 8 million books. I know that asking a librarian for a recommendation doesn't seem very "Web 2.0" but let's face it, they know their stuff. Plus, as long as you return your books on time, most libraries are free. Maybe I'm missing something.

  2. Convenience, really. Especially in Boston, where you don't want to schlep to the library in the freezing weather.

  3. I should try to remember that I do happen to have the fortune of living in a killer location in Boston. When I lived in Somerville, going to the BPL was a pain in the ass. Now however, I can be at Barnes and Nobel before I could get to a post office to return the books. Then again, my apartment is the size of a jail cell. I definitely agree with the concept of borrowing books. My bookshelf is already full and there is no room for another one


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