Public Restrooms As Retail Traffic Driver

Act like you're shopping: a map of public restrooms in Boston and around the world at

On the one hand, Boston's frequent bathroom visitors want to legislate access to retail-based restrooms: "Patients suffering from intestinal disorders urged lawmakers yesterday to pass a bill requiring private businesses to open up their bathrooms to people during medical emergencies or face a fine of $100." (Metro).

On the other hand, Westminster's (that's in the center of London) city council created a system where people with the urge send a "toilet" text message and get locations of the nearest facilities sent to their cell phones. "Stores started signing up almost immediately, according to councilor Alan Bradley. And, once through the doors, there is every likelihood that the potential customer will relax and become an actual customer." (Retail Wire via Store Media News).

Of course, Charmin bathrooms show just how appreciated a good branded bathroom at the right time could be. And I think it was Paco Underhill in Why We Buy who suggested that bathrooms in supermarkets can be used to sample relevant products from the suppliers -- paper towels, soap, toilet paper, towels, napkins, perhaps also combs or mirrors.

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