Pheromones Encourage Shopping

Found this news article back from January 2004 while browsing forums:

"Now Canadian retailers are squirting a synthetic human pheromone around shop floors. The stuff apparently makes customers feel comfortable and secure and hence more likely to buy.The pheromone was originally designed for a big Las Vegas casino. Now Vancouver-based Enhanced Air Technologies (EAT) has released its Commercaire ( pheromone for general use."

Apparently, the project was soon abandoned and both the product and company sites are dead. If you know anything about the story or any other company that uses pheromones in retail, leave a comment.

A Bottle of New Car Scent


  1. You might find this of interest:

    Note that the latest project is also vaporous. No surprise here.

    Not to say that such a technology isn't possible, mind you. Just that I wouldn't trust this particular effort to have been any less virtual than the latest.

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