Sears Builds Community Site

This is it. Probably not done yet. Make the Logo Bigger and Roger Dooley write about the longish privacy policy required to sign up to the community. Here's what Sears means by community: "It’s a community that connects shoppers like you to SHC employees, including the most senior executives, so that together we can build a better shopping experience. In exchange for participating in the community, members will have access to free planning and budgeting tools, special forums to express their views and ideas and will receive exclusive offers and promotions."

There is no community yet. There's a lengthy online survey that asks you a lot of questions about waist sizes and car-driving habits. The survey is not well designed: there seems to be no cross-checking of input across sheets (I entered different household size numbers and it didn't react at all), it's a chore to fill out, it gives no progress indication and no incentive. But as I said above, it doesn't look like it's intended for the prime time just yet anyway.


  1. Try visiting this site in Firefox, it tells you to download IE or Netscape and come back...very sad that they can't even accommodate all browsers, the design is terrible.

  2. Dunno. I am using Firefox, and it seemed to work ok.

  3. It supports firefox, it doesn't support Macs.

  4. I’m running Firefox on a Mac and it loaded fine. That's the problem. It loads but has nothing to say.



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