More Crowdsourceable Advertising

Don't you love the sound of "crowdsourceable"?

Anyway, a couple of new things on the consumer-generated-propaganda front.

Kotaku is angry about Doritos' new twist on UGC -- the Unlock XBox contest where people compete by submitting "shining examples of video game creativity." People didn't actually have to design a game, a text description of the high concept was enough. What grinds Kotaku's gears is that "Doritos have ignored the dozens of legitimate, and somewhat appealing game design entries in favor of five ideas that range from being rubbish to worse to stolen."

If you are a consumer with an ambition of changing advertising forever, you can do so at Change Advertising Forever. It is a site where you can submit an entry to various ad contests.

Here's a similar but, I think, fresher idea: Black Turtle Media is "specifically targeting amateurs and professionals to develop content. Obviously that doesn't preclude others from participating, however, we are actively pursuing film and advertising schools, small creative agencies, and other aspiring videographers /creative artists to provide content."

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