NY Times: Ads Everywhere

Last week, NY Times ran a predictable but entertaining feature about the abundance of out-of-home ads. An interesting quote from Starcom's VP Jack Sullivan: "If you reach consumers out of the house, they're more likely to act than if they're sitting on their couches." Makes sense. The paper illustrates the article with these wonderful specimen:

Dice placed in pubs by Absolut, apparently designed to assist decision-making much like this randomizer wheel from Burger King.

Clothing designer Perry Ellis gave away "594,000 free shirt boxes and hanging bags to dry cleaners in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco last year". I want one. Why can't all cheepies-freebies look that cool?

This is as evil as it is awesome: ads for Children's Tylenol in pediatricians' examination rooms. Even beats the ads in school buses (in sound, too).
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