Concept: Social Retailing

Welcome Social Retailing (TM) - a technology developed and trademarked by IconNicholson and demoed at the National Retail Federation conference's Store of the Future exhibition. USA Today describes it (in an excellent overview of the retail trends) as an "interactive mirror for use outside fitting rooms that will stream high-definition video of shoppers modeling clothes to their friends' computers or mobile devices. It also allows the friends to comment on the outfits and to select other designs in the collection for the shopper to try."

The article also talks about how the retailers, finally, are upgrading the dressing rooms with more hooks, larger stalls, better mirrors and more natural lights. And here's an overview of the expo from eWeek.

Here's the plan of the booth with a list of the exhibitors [click it to zoom in]:

Animated mannequins with face recognition
Smart Fitting Room Gives Fashion Advice
Mirror as Intelligent Computer Display
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