Apple TV, iPhone, and Advertising

A few thoughts on where new Apple products can take interactive advertising:

1. Click-to-call makes much more sense on an iPhone than on a computer browser.
2. Bluetooth + big screen = rich location-based ads + geo-targeted content
3. If iPhone repeats the iPod's success, we will have an install base of 50M uniform devices in five years instead of the current mobile platform hodge-podge.
4. GPS+Google maps = real-time local ads. Would be cool (but maybe too evil) to couple it with demo targeting based on mobile service subscriber info. Or at least past browsing behavior.
5. I'd love to see more innovation on the voice-mail side, like forwarding voice-mail files via email, or uploading them online -- in other words, treating voice-mail messages like any other sound files.
6. Ad units with voice recognition.
7. (Adver)games.

Apple TV:
Video produced for online consumption comes to the big screen, which is something TiVo's been trying to do for a while, too. The menu of available channels expands from 500 to infinity. New blog-like hobby: video editors -- people who scour the web for nice video content, assemble it in unified streams peppered with Video AdSense. Precise viewership metrics.

(pictures from New Tee Vee, Engadget)
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