Ads in Game Easter Eggs

An interesting and rare article -- from AP, of all organizations -- about brands being disguised as Easter Eggs and cheat codes:

"In-game advertising has been going on for years as marketers try to reach people who have largely stopped watching television.

But beyond running crass advertisements on billboards written into the gaming landscape, many game developers now accept product placements for milk, DVDs and other wares, embedding them deep into the game's software codes. You would need the type of secret tips and tricks long circulated for unlocking special powers and other bonuses.

The standard advertisements are not waning. But gaming executives say the newer, unusual pitches are more effective: They can be funny and tap into many gamers' desires to explore the darkest nooks and crannies of a game and discover tricks they can boast to friends."

-- AP, Rachel Konrad (in case the original article goes offline), "Game firms profit from ads, cheats"
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