Google Could Buy In-Game Ads Firm

CNN: "Google is in talks to acquire Adscape Media in a move to expand beyond its traditional Internet search advertising business and into video games, a news report said Saturday. The Wall Street Journal [sub.], citing people familiar with the matter, reported on its Web site that Google [the] closely held San Francisco firm whose technology allows for the placement of ads over the Web in video games. A deal could be reached as early as next week, the report said.

The report said that one person in the know said that for several months Google has been discussing with game publishers the prospect of delivering ads over the Internet into the action of their games."

I think that besides the obvious implications of the acquisition, the analytics drawn from 3D game environments will help Google to hone it's rumored contextual billboards offering. Also, could this be another sign that Google Earth is becoming a Second Life-like platform?

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