Book: Long Live Advertising

Got a review copy today of "Advertising is Dead! Long Live Advertising!" (selling for under $40 on Amazon) -- a rich and colorful album of guerilla and unorthodox outdoor advertising. If you follow this blog as well as Billboardom, Advertising for Peanuts, Coolzor's, Coloribus or Frederik Samuel's, (the book is like all these blogs printed out together, cleaned up and nicely bound) then many of the campaigns will be familiar, but you will also find context and background that bloggers often miss. Many other outstanding campaigns the authors covered (a total of 230) haven't surfaced in the blogosphere at all. The book also categorizes the campaigns by their conceptual approach: sensation, installation, transformation, augmentation among others, much like we did in the rethinking print post. It's a great book that will get you hours of either inspiration or frustration if you stumble across a brilliant but unrealized idea of yours.

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