Reactrix Dead

Just learned that Reactrix has folded last December. Reactrix made devices that created interactive floor projections and was among the coolest ad technologies I've seen on the job. They tried to create a media network of their devices; I always thought they should've been in business of equipment rental.  Catchyoo is a surviving competitor.


  1. This is sad. I wholeheartedly agree that this is one of the more exciting ad technologies I'd seen in the last few years.

  2. They reduced people to jumping up and down trying to hit a virtual ball or other gag. The reactive technology is interesting but Reactrix turned it into a salesy company lacking imagination or creativity and cookie-cutter technology. Have a look at Obscura Digital for far more exciting reactive technology and projections.

  3. Hi,

    We have an article scheduled about that technology in our blog in around 1 hour. We saw LM3Lab getting bigger lately, so they are named in that article.

  4. Too bad.

    My son and hundreds of other kids sure have a blast playing their floor-projected interactive games at the local mall.

    I thought that renting those or buying them for the air-jumpy places would be a nice addition to kids' birthday parties.

  5. The setup cost for an interactive floor, wall, table system are too high. A R&D company in Hong Kong has managed to provide their Mumba Interactive system have the solutions for Small Medium Business who are looking for the edge.

  6. We are a company called Spotless and we are taking a next generation of a similar IR based technology called the Spotlesslight ( to market as a product available for purchase and rental focused on the live entertainment market.

    We currently have a device which attaches to almost any projector and allows you to project light only on to indicated performers and/or objects even if they are moving. Have a look at this technology and let us know what you think.

    -brian Spotlesslight

  7. @Hashem: hey, I was one of the Reactrix developers and I find your characterization offensive... and fairly accurate.

    Although it seems odd that you'd rag on our interactions -- at least judging from your website, you're still a ways behind where we were when we croaked. Dismiss it if you like, but we put a lot of effort into getting things to feel just right and be fun, work that it appears you haven't bothered with in your pursuit of shock and awe through more pixels.

    Admittedly, it might be hard to tell because most of what ran in the field was fairly vanilla. That's what our advertisers wanted, and that's how to keep things scalable and reliable. We were in a totally different market.

    But the one-off custom projects were always the most fun; I'm jealous that you guys only do those!


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