Workout Routine from Cirque De Soleil

Why should pro athletes be the only endorsers of fitness products?  Are there other occupations that put certain demands on human bodies?   Are any of these occupations aspirational? (Garbage removal is straining but hardly inspiring).  

This partnership between Reebok and Cirque De Soleil (news release) is brilliant in how well it fits together and how not obvious it must have been until the duh moment:

"JUKARI Fit to Fly makes fitness fun again by introducing a new way to move in a gym workout and is accessible to all women, regardless of fitness levels. The hour-long workout has been created on a specially-designed piece of equipment called the FlySet. The result is a workout that gives the sensation of flying while strengthening and lengthening the body through cardio, strength, balance and core training."

So simple. 


  1. This is such a fun idea, I love it! I hope it comes to the gym I work out at soon I'd definitely try it. Right now the punching bag class is the only one that has equipment that pulls out and lets you attach the bags to the floor. I wonder how substantial it would be if you had 12 people in the class dangling from the equipment. The equipment will probably be used more like a prop, but it could still be a lot of fun.

  2. Come to Boston or NYC -- apparently, they launch in these two cities in the US.


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