The Science Behind New Pepsi Logo

"Establishment of a gravitational pull to shift from a “transactional” experience to an “invitational” expression."

On my knees marveling in awe at the Pepsi brand document (pdf, back-up) attributed to Arnell Group. Genius, spoof or not (and I hear not), and entirely worth the $1 million and five-month wait.

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Update [Feb 11 '09] -- This video posted a few months ago on YouTube references some of the geometry stuff from the document:


  1. Thankyou, that's the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Shamelessly 'borrowed' for my own blog.

    Love the Da Vinci statement in the pdf. "Leonardo Da Vinci studied
    the proportion of the human
    face and applied his findings
    in the Mona Lisa painting."

    So he painted a picture of a human face then.

  2. Way to leverage the theory of relativity in logo design. Finally, a practical application.

  3. I'd pay them a $million for a doc like that! They might be crazy, but at least they're willing to give an obscene amount of effort to even the tiniest of details.

  4. It's sad that some people are so cynical that they can't discern between a very well crafted document like this one, and an industry inside joke.

    I think the document reflects a strong, well thought out, design rationale that we rarely get to see. Anyone who has been close to this process knows there is some post-rationalisation going on, but it’s all about presenting a strong argument – one that had to be communicated to all parts of a huge multinational.

  5. This is stirring up controversy in my office, regarding whether or not it is a spoof.

    Can you find anymore supporting references that would suggest it's legit?

  6. I am designing a syndication application for the iPhone. When I speak with people, they sort of get the idea, but when I show them the application, they say wow, that’s cool. If I showed them the application and they didn’t get it until I showed them the documentation, I’d redesign the business model. The inside joke is that we’re designers.

  7. So it's legit then?????

  8. wow! so thats the inspiration.
    nice post.

  9. Nice idea, really bad execution. Type is weak and the logo is almost exactly the same as the Korean Air logo.

  10. When I see the new pepsi logo, I can't help but think of the fat character with beer belly man! How about that association factoring into the logo's science?

  11. Matt, do you remember how people hated it when Nintendo renamed the upcoming console from Revolution to Wii and the kind and the amount of jokes that were made? Well, people got over that, too.

    Not to say I like or dislike the new logo; it's just that people ultimately don't care all that much.


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