Agency Site With a Chat Bot

McKinney has built a Pandorabot-based chat bot (aka "conversation engine") into its brand new site with a somewhat trippy interface. See if you can catch answers that were pre-scripted to make the machine sound particularly intelligent as opposed to the generic chat bot cop-outs like "Say what?" or "Come again".
-- thank you, Michelle


  1. It's only going to get better. Chat bots will soon replace humans--as their "bottiness" becomes less apparent to customers seeking help.


  2. I'm pretty sure some of the sales houses we work with could replace all their staff with a chat bot. It would certainly cut out the inane questions and repetative small talk about my weekend. Bring it on.

    - Matt Bamford-Bowes

  3. I told it that it lies.

    Reply: No way. We're like George Washington. Which means if we were lying, we would have confessed by now.

    It also tells jokes and asks how you are. Huh.

  4. OK, I tried it. And, second reply was "come again." Which, your post said was a generic cop out.

    I think they need to check out the more advanced conversational engines if they want to go this route.


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