AdSense Ads on a Brand Site

When Home Depot announced a couple of years ago that they would sell ad space on their site (press release), a lot of people thought it was a very interesting case of an advertiser turning into a media company. Here's a case of another company capitalizing on all that traffic to its brand site. Being a new dad takes you to all sorts of previously unexplored online destinations (and also explains the interruption in postings on this blog), so last night I found myself on and saw -- gasp! -- the very familiar AdSense ads and occasionally a few Google-served banners (one that I remember was for Staples). The site even has its own advertising policy. Assuming that the site gets 1.5M monthly uniques (Compete data) and, say, 3M pageviews, a click-through rate of 1%, and gets 25 cents for each click, generates $75K $7.5K in AdSense revenue each month. It's a half of a drop in P&G's bucket, of course, but it will buy the site team a round or two of beers each month.


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