Showcase Your Ad Inventory with Balihoo Publisher Edition

A few months ago, I shared a few thoughts for entrepreneurs who plan to bankroll their start-ups through advertising. One of the tips was about removing friction from the ad sales process, and a good place to start would be to drop a media kit into an easy to find spot online. If you think this not-so-groundbraking idea makes sense, take a look at the new product introduced a couple of weeks ago about by one of AdLab's sponsors, Balihoo. Balihoo Publisher Edition is "a web-based application that enables media owners and publishers to position and sell the full breadth of their inventory directly to media buyers and advertisers." Below is a video promo from TechInsights that is launching its ad sales site built on Balihoo Publisher Edition in September.

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  1. You really need to label your sponsored posted as such. Everyone else who monetizes web publications does this.


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