The Logistics of Keeping a Secret

The other mysteries surrounding the Dem VP choice: what will be the new URL for the joint ticket (all obvious combinations have been taken for months)? What will happen to that must have a lot of organic traffic and nice search standings? If the campaign is buying one of the squatted domains, when and how soon will the DNS be updated? Will the new site go live before the txt? With so many people involved in production of propaganda materials, how do you keep the secret for so long and under such scrutiny?

In other news, Biden's stock is way up in the $80s. I got in at $44 on Tuesday. [Update] 1:06 AM Aug 23: AP says it's Biden.

Some political blog today wrote about how the whole txt-the-VP thing casts a very bright light on the uselessness of the TV punditry who can do very little until they are spoonfed the info. This quote sums it up well:

"Wolf Blitzer on the Situation Room begging viewers to stay tuned so CNN can bring them coverage of a text message."

To get your very own VP message, txt "VP" to 62262 (US only, standard rates apply).

[Update] Aug 23, 3:10 EST. It's official.

Still no txt. CNN and AP broke the story, so the news of punditry's death is exaggerated. Some of the questions above about the domain have been answered, though. It looks like the URL will remain I don't know if it's considered socially rude, but keeping a domain with so much equity is not a bad idea.

 [Update] Aug 23, 3:19 EST. The txt is in. I guess they were going for the 3AM phone call effect.

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