Twitter and SEO

I was looking for more info about the newly opened Social Media Lab at P&G (via Ethan) and one of the results that Google offered was David Armano's tweet on the subject. Had't seen tweets in SERPs before.


  1. C'mon Ilya, no link love for my post on this?


    I haven't found much on the subject but Deborah Schultz seems to be the best source of info thus far...

    Although this was probably the most interesting:

    Hmmmmm...lorem ipsum dolor, eh? New social media jargon I'll have to tweet about...

    Crazy prediction: Whenever they go truly "public"/transparent with this, the pressure to have a strong (read: expensive) "social media" play is going to be really huge...

  2. Oh, sorry, corrected. I saw the shaderlab mock-up, but the actual site is either not yet live or is behind a wall, can't find anything.


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