Sponsor a Surveillance Camera

The police in Flint, MI are looking for corporate sponsors to bankroll poll-mounted surveillance cameras throughout the city:

"Corporate sponsorship is yet another resource that communities can utilize for PODSS [Portable Overt Digital Surveillance System] deployment. RMS Technology Solutions is pleased to announce its Adopt-a-PODSS program. The program is designed for community-minded, corporate sponsors who wish to provide generous underwriting support for the PODSS surveillance system. The sponsorship program offers a win-win for both the underwriting company and the community."

"More impressive are the intangible benefits of corporate sponsorship that are truly immeasurable. The transformative value that a corporate sponsor can bring to a crime-ridden community in terms of lives saved and neighborhoods restored from drug activity and violent crime is incalculable. These benefits can have a positive impact on society for generations to come."
-- via mlive

Advertising on Police Cruisers


  1. I'm trying to decide how creepy this is, but I also wonder what impression it leaves with the watched when they look up to see a sponsored camera. I'm surprised Google hasn't set up a national network of street cams yet.

  2. I agree with the sentiment about Google

  3. If you are just a Jo Average trying to get on with your life amongst all the crime and intimidation you'll be happy to see a cam watching your back. I think it's an awesome idea.

    Always wanted to roll out a scheme with private sponsorship for speed cams. This time with profit sharing. :-)

  4. i think cameras make Average Jo feel like the state thinks he too is a criminal. Overall this can't be a smart move for a brand


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