Job Hunting with LinkedIn Direct Ads

Advertising arsenal for job hunters has been expanding from direct mail (sending out CVs) and working with recruiters to creating profiles on specialty sites, career blogging, and posting YouTube videos (that sometimes backfire). Now you can add media buying to this list.

LinkedIn's newly announced self-service advertising program DirectAds seems like a great tool not only for a variety of B2B marketers, but also for job hunters (who, if you think about it, are also B2b advertisers). Select an industry and a job function, and a link to your CV will be in front of, say, 52,889 HR people and creative folks in ad agencies and marketing departments.

The program is not without its limitations. You cannot target an individual company or a search term, and you also can filter LinkedIn's audience only through two categories: you can't pick Boston+advertising+HR+creatives+company size, for example.

If you do try it out for yourself, please leave a comment sharing your impressions.

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  1. Good article. I ran a sample test using LinkedIn DirectAds too. I found they were not as effective as my Google Adword campaigns. I did some number crunching here


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