Advergame Arcades

The same people who brought us interactive movie theater entertainment have installed several advergaming arcades in the digital cafe at Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan. The two games are NewsBlaster and NewsBreaker. The arcades are free and hooked up to the web. Love the old-school look and the homage, perhaps unintended, to Tapper, the first arcade to feature a brand (more in this post on history of in-game advertising).

Credits: SS+K [Sam Mazur and Matt Ferrin] with Fuel Industries [software] and Dream Authentics [hardware].

Dream Authentics builds custom arcade machines.

Budweiser logo in Bally-Midway's Tapper, mid-1980s (image source)

-- thanks, Sam

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  1. At a European citizen, I do not often walk around in the Rockefeller plaza. To be precisize, last week it was my first time. But unfortenately, I now read your post. Next time...


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